Friends of the Lorenzo Bull House has many plans for fundraising programming to help restore and enhance the facility.

Daily Functions Lorenzo Bull House Schedule - Friends of the Lorenzo Bull House

See our calendar of special upcoming events below.  We look forward to meeting you at one of these fun upcoming activities.  Please join us!

Dinner with the Bulls -Meet the Parkers

Quincy Counrty Club 2410 State, Quincy, IL

Join us for Dinner with the Bulls and Meet the Parkers. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Parker will be the guests of honor at this annual dinner. Quincy Country Club will be the venue for this party. Come and celebrate the Bull family along with a showing and auction of art presented by local artists. […]

Dogwood Parade Festival

Dogwood Parade Party & Festival reimagined at the Lorenzo Bull Park sponsored in part by Quincy Park District and Friends of the Lorenzo Bull House. Food, Entertainment, and Games.