A Premier Feature,

the wraparound porch has been through many years of repair. The end is in sight with just a few more stages. Those stages involve replacing the components which are failing with composite rot free materials. The Quincy Park District has squeezed out funds over several years to replace all the decking in stages. The last section of decking is soon to be replaced and then starts the railing process. The beautiful balustrades that grace the Lorenzo Bull House Porch need substantial repair. Those railings are composed of some 330 wooden Spindles in various condition. The rebuild of the railings and replacing the rotted box columns, failing spindles with a rot free material is a costly endeavor. The elements must be custom formed to keep the style and you can be part of this project in the heart of our city.

Presentation of funds raised to assist the restoration

Check Presentation 2022


and help this PREMIER FEATURE come to completion. For $125 a Spindle or some portion of this railing can be purchased in your name and added to the designation plaque.